The Viking Village
at Largs Vikingar Festival - 2014

Largs, North Ayrshire

The whole village, created for the Vikingar Festival in Largs

Occupied by Viking impersonaters - not a large profession - this is a very popular attraction during the festival week.

Largs, North Ayrshire

The north end of the village with, at the far end, a re-creation of a “Viking Skirmish” as part of the free entertainment on offer.

Largs, North Ayrshire

As you can see from the queue it is indeed a popular site to visit.

Largs, North Ayrshire

This view is looking south.

From these photos - taken on Saturday 6th September, 2014 - you can see that the village is constructed on the seafront between the main road and the esplanade, which accounts for the long and narrow shape.

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