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Lindores Abbey
Newburgh, Fife

Lindores Abbey, Newburgh, Fife

The ruins of Lindores Abbey on the eastern edge of Newburgh in Fife.

This ancient site dates back as far as 1191 and was a Benedictine house established by David, Earl of Huntingdon and became the location of the first recognised distillery in Scotland, providing aqua vitae - the water of life - to King James IV in 1494.

Like most ancient abbeys it has a detailed history and like so many others was a victim of the Reformation.

There isn't much of it left to see but it's well tended and cared for. Thanks to the new distillery it even has convenient food and drink on hand and ample parking.

Lindores Abbey, Newburgh, Fife

From further back you can easily see the distillery next door.

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