The British Golf Museum & The Kelpies Maquettes
St Andrews, Fife

The British Golf Museum, St Andrews, Fife

The British Golf Museum in St Andrews, Fife and on the grass behind are
the maquettes (scale models) of The Kelpies, the sculptures by the M9 at Falkirk Helix.

To see the maquettes close up, click this line

To see the Kelpies in full size, click this line

Also in the photo are the back of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club
and Hamilton House, all in Golf Place, St Andrews as well as many other
well-known locations and golf-related attractions.

The British Golf Museum, St Andrews, Fife

The centre of the above photo, enlarged.

The British Golf Museum, St Andrews, Fife

From further to the left (east) the view now includes the British Golf Museum
the 1st & 18th holes of The Old Course and The Links, the street of shops alongside
the 18th fairway and leading down to Rusack's Hotel.

Anyone who knows the area will also spot Grannie Clark's Wynd
- which is the public road across the golf course -
and the Swilken Bridge in the distance.

The British Golf Museum, St Andrews, Fife

From over the Bruce Embankment, looking south.

In this view the Kelpies maquettes are pretty well hidden by the roof of the British Golf Museum.

The British Golf Museum, St Andrews, Fife

And finally, the LocalMotion Land Train passing the museum
and taking tourists on a trip round the town.

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