Aerial Photos For Home Owners

Aerial photos of houses & homes

What better memory to keep than an aerial photograph?

Not only can you have prints to hang at home but you can use them on family websites, social media pages and for family archives.

If you work away from home, hang a print on your office wall as a stay against homesickness.

They can also make great gifts for distant relatives or for older people who want a lasting keepsake of the home they lived in for so long.

They might have moved away but they can still see a unique and special view of their old home whenever they want.

General property aerial photo
From the road, the hedge and wall hide the house

People LIKE aerial photos

We've all dreamed about flying with the birds and many of us book a window seat on the plane just to get that special view of the world only obtainable from on high.

When you look at aerial pictures you probably smile. Most people do. People like aerial photos and what better reason to smile than a top quality aerial photo of your own home?

Property aerial photography - an ideal memory and a lovely gift
A well-placed corner site

Show off your achievements

As you can imagine, there's no better way to show off that new garden layout or plush new driveway.
Got a new shed or greenhouse? Proud of that rose-bed? Aerial photos are ideal.
What better way to show that new conservatory or extension and aerial photos are the only proper way to photograph solar panels.

Up to date photos

While there are several websites that can show you overhead aerial views - and in some limited locations a more oblique angle of view - none of these websites have current, up-to-date images. Even if they did there are serious restrictions on their use and the websites cannot normally supply images for any purpose other than viewing on their own sites.

To get current and usable aerial photography the only option is to commission new images and 197 aerial photography offer you that service at very reasonable costs and in a totally environmentally friendly manner.

Green is good

All our photos are taken from either a kite or hot air balloon and there's no pollution to worry about. No complaints from neighbours about noisy helicopters or frightened pets or livestock.

The carbon footprint of 197 aerial photography's systems is negligible; too low to calculate on an individual basis. Not only do you get superb photos of your home but your green choice scores loads of Brownie points.

Safety and success

Safety is an important issue and has to be given the utmost respect. In all the many years that 197 aerial photography has been working there have never been any problems, damage or claims made for any reason whatsoever.

Full consultation and co-operation with air traffic control - the CAA etc - as well as a strict regard for the extensive and complex rules of flying tethered kites and balloons can give you full confidence that any work commissioned will be carried out safely and competently. And if by some remote chance photos can't be obtained you will NOT be charged.

Your choice of angle and view

The examples on this page are just to give you an idea of what's possible with 197 aerial photography's system. The gallery section of the website has hundreds of examples. Please feel free to look around.

Experts in aerial photography are not necessarily experts in the layout of individual homes and gardens so please be assured that any requests or suggestions in respect of angles of view, content and other factors will be carefully listened to and acted upon.

That said, there are safety matters that HAVE to be attended to and sometimes your request might just not be possible; but if it isn't you'll be told why and in many cases offered an even better alternative.

Home & garden aerial photography - an ideal memory and a lovely gift
This house is on a hill so a ground-level photo doesn't work.

A current price guide, along with 197 aerial photography's terms of trading can be downloaded from:

Pricing guide and terms of trading download page

Always remember that images taken by 197 aerial photography are available for clients
in a very much higher quality than the small sized compressed images which are shown
as .jpg files on this website.

Please see the quality sample page by clicking HERE or email for details.

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