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Lindores Abbey Distillery in Newburgh - north Fife

Lindores Abbey Distillery, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

Lindores Abbey Distillery - now open and producing aqua vitae.

Aqua vitae? Latin for “the water of life”. A finely distilled alcoholic beverage flavoured with spices, herbs and other botanicals.

Located just to the east of Newburgh on the north coast of Fife just a handful of miles east of J9 on the M90 and directly adjacent to the A913.

We wish more subjects had such good labelling!

The abbey next door can be seen here: Lindores Abbey

Lindores Abbey Distillery, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

This view shows the distillery, behind it Lindores Abbey and the old abbey lands leading down to the River Tay around 550 yards (500 metres) away to the north.

The monks of Lindores supplied not only aqua vitae to the likes of King James IV from before 1500 but also sold fruit from their extensive orchards and of course salmon from the river so this photo pretty well covers the whole story in one frame. The north shore is the Carse of Gowrie in Perth and Kinross, near Errol.

Lindores Abbey Distillery, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

From the south-west showing the entrance area - information centre, café and shop - as well as the generous parking area.

Lindores Abbey Distillery, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

From over the Abbey you get an excellent view of the copper stills.

The main building was very cleverly constructed using local traditional materials as an almost exact replacement for some old disused barns on the site and blends in surprisingly well with the local landscape.

Red-tiled roofs are a common and popular feature all over Fife.

In all of these main images you can also spot the webcam which gives full-time coverage of the distillery.

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