Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire
Royal Troon Golf Club is the location of the 2016 Open Golf Championship

Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire

New photos taken in late August 2015.

All of these photos were taken from inside the safety zone of Prestwick Airport with the consent and co-operation of the CAA and ATC, for which many thanks.

This view is looking straight down on the clubhouse with the practice green in the foreground, the car parks behind and the Marine Hotel just off the right hand side.

(To the right of this page are links to photos of the Marine Hotel and the Ladies' Clubhouse.)

Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire

From over the first fairway with the 18th green and its deep bunkers in
the front right of the photo.

Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire

A panoramic view - the clubhouse with the 18th green on the right and the first
tee to the left and the town of Troon along South Beach Road in the top left.

Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire

A deeper version of the photo above but taken from further back (south) almost
over the first green.

In the distance are the paper mill and glass factory at Irvine as well
as the north bay.

Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire

Further back again - the same as above but now with the seafront and a few
kiters kidding themselves that it's fun to be dragged through the water.

Royal Troon Golf Club, South Ayrshire

This was taken earlier August 2015, looking south-east from 150 feet over the car park at the end of South Beach Road.

In the distance is Prestwick Airport.

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