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Contact by email

Click this line to write an email to ask your question, request a price guide or express your views

If you have a query about a potential commission or purchase please give as much information as possible such as the planned use, number of copies, size, location, etc.

You'll usually get a reply within an hour or so but it may take longer on occasions.

Technical and legal queries

We're always happy to discuss the legal aspects of our work with potential clients.

With the rising prevalence of drone operators - many of whom work illegally and without any form of insurance - you need to protect yourself from what could be serious risk.

Many of the finer points of our system and equipment are by their very nature confidential but we can usually answer general queries without too much difficulty.

Drop us an email and we'll try to help.

Print Purchases

Prints of the images shown on this website are no longer available. Sorry about that.

Naturally we are perfectly happy to supply prints of images commissioned by clients as part of our regular high-quality aerial photography service.

Pricing Guide & Terms of Trading

If you wish to receive a copy of 197 aerial photography's price guide and terms of trading then a .pdf version can be requested via the price guide page by clicking this paragraph.

Please note

The display of images on this website constitutes an invitation to treat.

While there are currently many websites and other publications licenced to use images from this website any future requests for free use of pictures will be politely refused.

Any use of images from this website in any form of online media, in any form of print or by broadcast or otherwise requires a copyright licence before any use or publication.

Always remember that images taken by 197 aerial photography are
available for clients in a very much higher quality than the small sized
compressed images which are shown as .jpg files on this website.

Please see the quality sample page by clicking HERE .

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