Doonfoot Bridge, River Doon
Doonfoot, South Ayrshire

Doonfoot Bridge, River Doon, South Ayrshire

The general view looking south-east.

People often asked if 197 aerial photography's kites ever affect wildlife.

The answer is always a clear and unequivocal no.

In this view as well as ducks, swans and seabirds all swimming happily to and fro under the kite you can also see on the left where a hippo just submerged and the wake of a playful dolphin on the right, just under the bridge.

OK. Tell the truth. The bit about the ducks was a fib.

Doonfoot Bridge, River Doon, South Ayrshire

A panorama of the whole area from off-shore.

This is known as the Doonfoot Millennium Bridge and is a footbridge between Cunning Park and Doonfoot just short of Greenan Shore. It is also included in Stage 6 of the Ayrshire Coastal Path as well as being an important part of Cycle Route 7.

The beach on the left reaches to Ayr harbour about 2 miles away and on the right the beach is about 1.5 miles long and runs past Greenan Castle and Craig Tara Holiday Park, once called Butlin's at Ayr.

Doonfoot Bridge, River Doon, South Ayrshire

The Brig O'Doon is about a mile upstream from here.

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