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Contact Information
and emails to 197

Click here to write an email to ask your question or seek information.

If you have a query about image content, availability or purchase please give as much information as possible such as the planned use, number of copies, size, location, etc.

If you choose to use a generic or untraceable email address (Hotmail, Gmail, etc) please include contact details (business name, phone number, etc) to confirm your identity.

Hopefully you'll receive a reply within an hour or so but it may take longer on occasions.

Technical and legal queries

There are no problems with answering questions on the legal or technical aspects of our work, especially in respect of safety.

While many of the finer points of our system and equipment are by their very nature confidential it's usually possible to answer general queries without too much difficulty.

With the rising prevalence of drone operators - far too many of whom still work illegally and without any form of insurance or proper training - those commissioning aerial photography need to protect themselves from what could be a serious risk, especially if acting as agents for others.

You are strongly recommended to seek competent independent advice regarding any contractor - as well as confirmed references - before selecting a supplier.

It cannot be a co-incidence that so many drone operators crop up and then disappear just as quickly with such monotonous regularity.

197 aerial photography takes issue with those damaging our industry with unlicensed, uninsured and dishonest businesses.

Feel free to send an email with any concerns.

Copyright Licence Purchases

Copyright licences to use the images shown on this website are available at advantageous prices - often as much as 50% less than major agencies.

Images are available at a minimum size of 5,000 pixels width (and very much higher) and licensed images will NOT include the copyright overlay as used on this website.

Click here to visit the price guides page.

Print Purchases

Prints of the images shown on this website - and others - are once again available, with delivery included and automatic discounts for multiple purchases.

Purchased prints will NOT include the copyright overlay as used on this website.

Click here to visit the price guides page.

Please note

The display of images on this website constitutes an invitation to treat.

Any use of images from this website in any form of online media, in any form of print or by broadcast or otherwise requires the purchase of a copyright licence before any use or publication.

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