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Information on Copyright
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Copyright Statement

For the avoidance of doubt, all the images, text and graphics on this site are:

by      Alan Mackie

are    Copyright © Alan Mackie

and    all Moral Rights are asserted.

The display of images on this website constitutes an invitation to treat.

Images licensed from 197 aerial photography are supplied exclusively to the client making the purchase and will not be sold or licensed elsewhere during the licence period.

Copyright Licence Purchases

Copyright licences to use the images shown on this website are available at advantageous prices - often as much as 50% less than major agencies.

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UK IPO Copyright Notice

For your information a .pdf file is available to advise on copyright legislation.

Most of the text is from a UK Intellectual Property Office Copyright Notice
and the file can be accessed by clicking here.

Please note that the text is not formal legal advice.

Copyright Infringers

Information will shortly be published here with the full details of copyright infringers; their excuses, their behaviour and their response - or in many cases lack of response and/or lies - to being discovered committing image thefts for their own commercial benefit.

There are currently several people who fall into this category and once the text has been legally approved it will appear here.

They include:

1 - A self-styled author who used an image copied from this site illegally, admitted the theft, asked for an invoice and then refused to pay up anything when she was advised of the cost.
She seems not to understand the words “plagiarism” and “theft”.
Or the harm that will be done to any perceived reputation she thinks she may have, if taken to court.

Update: Having seen this page she now pleads to me as a “fellow artist” and thinks that as a plagiarist she's entitled to pay only a nominal sum.

She's in for a serious shock.

br> 2 - An American business who run holiday tours in Scotland, presumably unaware of the ability of a Scottish court to order the seizure of their assets in the UK.
Being aware of their past conduct when considering paying deposits to them might be good advice and again the harm to their perceived reputation ensuing from a court case may be considerable.

3 - And finally for now, a serial offender who was caught using one of the images from this site illegally for the third time. As you will appreciate, his feeble excuses will no longer save him from prosecution. He already has no viable reputation to lose.

Update: This guy threatens to use the law to have this page edited to remove all reference to him. As if that's likely.
I know who he is, he knows who he is, no-one else knows. Yet. Excepting of course the other people also chasing him for damages.

People need to understand that making empty threats and telling lies just increases the chances of them ending up in court facing serious financial loss and humiliation. Bite the bullet, pay the charges and change your thieving ways.

Be assured that those who make genuine errors or innocent mistakes will not be named, nor will those who recognise their faults and take steps to rectify their conduct.

Print Purchases

Prints of the images shown on this website - and others - are once again available, with delivery included and automatic discounts for multiple purchases.

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