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Ardrossan to Arran Ferry
Ardrossan, North Ayrshire

Ardrossan to Arran Ferry, North Ayrshire

This is the whole marina area with the ferry “Isle of Arran” at her berth. She's the smaller and older of the two ferries plying the Ardrossan to Arran route in summer.

In this photo you can see the Scotrail train close to the pierhead - Ardrossan Harbour station - to meet up with the scheduled sailings to Arran. It's about a 600 feet (180 metres) walk from the front end of the platform to the ferry.

Ardrossan to Arran Ferry, North Ayrshire

From the eastern side of the marina the ferry “Caledonian Isles” at its berth (at low tide).

Ardrossan to Arran Ferry, North Ayrshire

A view of the pierhead and ferry terminal.

Ardrossan to Arran Ferry, North Ayrshire

As the ferry “Caledonian Isles” leaves for Brodick you can see the number of cars in the car park, this on a midweek afternoon in March.

Ardrossan to Arran Ferry, North Ayrshire

A close-up of the ferry “Isle of Arran” which was cropped out of one of the photos above. This picture was taken from about 200 yards away from a height of 180 feet and gives you some idea of the stability of the system and clarity of the photos.

This is the smaller of the two ferries on this route.

Ardrossan to Arran Ferry, North Ayrshire

This is a multiple image of the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry “Caledonian Isles” approaching Ardrossan Harbour in North Ayrshire as she returns from one of her many scheduled sailings to the town of Brodick on the Island of Arran about 13 miles away to the west as the herring-gull flies.

As she turns in towards her berth the bow will start to open.

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