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The Barnweil Tower - South Ayrshire

Barnweil Tower, South Ayrshire

The Barnweil Monument (Wallace Tower) near Symington in Ayrshire.

This view is looking north towards Symington.

Sadly the tower is no longer open to the public due mostly to the radio masts on the roof and the associated risk of danger from the electricity supply. Still, who cares about history and heritage as long as someone's making some money renting the access.

This was built in 1855 and paid for either by subscription or by the local landowner, depending on which source is accurate.

It's a monument to Sir William Wallace who is reputed to have stood on this spot as he watched Edward Longshanks' stables burning at Ayr, not many miles away on the coast.

He's supposed to have said “These English, they barn weil.”

It translates as “burn well”.

He didn't of course, for a whole bunch of reasons, but it makes a good story.

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