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Kirkoswald Kirk (in ruins) - Kirkoswald - South Ayrshire

Kirkoswald Old Kirk, South Ayrshire, Scotland

The Old Kirk in Kirkoswald, looking from the north.

Within the ruins - out in the fresh air - is the font from Crossraguel Abbey a few miles north of here at which Robert Bruce, later to be King of Scotland was christened in (presumably) 1274.

The Bruce family were based at Turnberry Castle a few miles south of here and Bruce was educated in the village, just across the road from the churchyard.

There are many fine old trees round this ruined church and they help to hide the churchyard from aerial views, as you can see.

Particularly impressive is a venerable weeping willow over by the main road.

There has reputedly been a church on this site from 634 (7th century) - in honour of a victory in battle by St Oswald - but the ruined one you see here was built in 1242.

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