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Newmilns Dry Ski Slope - East Ayrshire

Newmilns Dry Ski Slope, East Ayrshire, Scotland

This facility is just off the High Street in Newmilns, East Ayrshire and is proving popular with adults and children alike.

As you can see it has a main slope and a smaller training area as well as a ski-tow to save people having to slog up the hill.

As per usual, the plan is to go back and take some more photos when the light's better and there are more people using it.

From memory that makes about 34 places that need updated photos...

Newmilns Dry Ski Slope, East Ayrshire, Scotland

A tighter crop highlighting the training area.

To give you an idea of how it will look after the landscaping is completed, the grass has been digitally added in to these images.

i.e. They're faked round the edges.

Newmilns Dry Ski Slope, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Looking down onto the top of the slope with one guy about to slide down.

These images were taken in early April looking north-east.

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