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Brig O'Doon and Hotel - Alloway, South Ayrshire

Brig O'Doon, Alloway, South Ayrshire, Scotland

The world-famous Brig O'Doon from an unusual angle.

Looking upstream with the Brig O'Doon hotel gardens to the left.

This bridge was made popular by Robert Burns' poem Tam O'Shanter and is the old stone bridge over the River Doon that Tam O'Shanter galloped across on his horse Meg to escape the witches chasing him from Alloway Kirk.

From here you can barely see that it's a steep, hump-backed construction.

We'd also like to point out that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the film “Brigadoon” which is a totally different story and is entirely fictitious. Unlike Burns' tale of witches and warlocks…

Brig O'Doon, Alloway, South Ayrshire, Scotland

The Brig O'Doon Hotel, the Burns Monument and the Alloway Kirk.

Right next to the bridge made famous by Robert Burns in the poem Tam O'Shanter.

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