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The 17th Green at St Andrews - Fife

The 17th Green Road Hole at St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

An overhead view of the Road Hole and dreaded Road Hole Bunker.

The road is now smooth tarmac but in earlier days it was a rough cinder track and the grass bank along the top of the picture was a railway embankment.

The approach is usually with a wood or long iron from the fairway to the right of this image and the single bunker is designed to trap golfers who stray to the left of the green - and it's VERY good at doing just that.

The pin in this photo is about where it usually is on the last day of the Open and the hole is about seven or eight feet (3 metres) above the bottom of the bunker.

It's said to be one of the scariest and hardest approaches on any golf course in the world.

That's the 18th tee in the bottom left.

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